I believe that the "materials" are inexhaustible and the "process" of exploring the materials seduces me. I start with making chaotic situation, and just let the materials change and transform on its own. "Chance" is a very important element. I need a good concentration so that I don't miss the changes which might disappear in a moment. I leave the marks produced in a long process as a history of making. I always have a feeling that the work is growing and developing itself. The final work is the result of the process, rather than that I myself control everything to complete the work.

'Resonance with the nature' is a big theme for me. It is based on Zen philosophy. I have been working, aiming to make a painting which makes people feel liberate, calm and relax. I find that making good use of nature makes it possible to get closer to this idea. In other words, it is to put my strong ego aside and to "let" the material work. In this way, you resonate with nature and feel the rhythm of the nature. It is indeed a journey of self discovery. Everything is moving and changing and connecting. Nothing is certain in this world. You live in this very moment. This way of thinking is the wisdom of Oriental philosophy.

I live and work in Tokyo, Japan.